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Journey of anime and manga "Trip to Tama New Town"

Magic and ESP crosses over Tama New Town!

In 1965, 3,000 hectare of Tama hillside forest was cut cleared and a large city complex Tama New Town was created. The city plan of multiple tall buildings and estate complex was a symbol of rapid Japanese economic growth. The story of an animation series "A Certain Magical Index" was developed over Tama New Town. Artificially designed "Tama New Town" but well deserves the name of "Academy city".

Reporter : Kakizaki Shundo


Narita Airport ¨ Keisei limited-express Skyliner ¨@JR Nippori Station ¨ the inner circle of the ‚i‚q Yamanote Line , destination to Ikebukuro and Shijuku direction ¨@JR Shijuku Station ¨@@‚i‚q Chuo Line destination to Takao ¨@JR Tachikawa Station ¨@ walk ¨@Tachikawa Minami Station ¨ Tama monorail ¨@Tama-Center Station

  Let's start a trip to "A Certain Magical Index" from JR Tachikawa Station!

1. Let's move from Tachikawa Minami Station to Tama Center Station riding on Tama monorail which frequently appears in "A Certain Magical Index". Fee: 400 yen
  2. The inside of Tama monorail appears in the opening theme of "A Certain Scientific Railgun", which is the spin off of "A Certain Magical Index".
  3. Inside of Tama Center Station, there is an exhibition of "A Certain Magical Index" series.
  4. The restaurant which the characters frequently used in the series and " A Certain Magical Index: the Movie -The Miracle of Endymion- Prize A-G + Last-one" Limited edition ticket of Tama monorail.
  5. Asahi Seimei (Asahi Life Insurance) Tama head-office building, where one of a main character "Index" taken in abandoned kitten Sphinx.
  6. This is the stair leading to Fuji Tama building where one of the main characters, Touma Kamijou run up to get there.
  7. Fuji Tama building. Main characters frequently walk through this Fuji Tama Square in business district.
  8. The bridge between business district and shopping district "Yu yu bridge" is the bridge where Touma Kamijo and Stiyl Magnus walked across.
  9. A bench in front of Tama center Mitsukoshi. This is where Index sat on.
  10. This is Parthenon Tama, it resembles ancient Greek architecture. It leads towards Tama chu ou Koen (Tama central park). It appears in the 12th story of " A Certain Magical Index" where Mikoto Misaka over heard rumors about herself.

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