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Journey of anime and manga Hanno City "Encouragement of Climb"

Mountain Climbing is becoming very popular in Japan. It is especially popular among young women. It is so popular that an animation about 4 student girls who are seriously into mountain climbing was created. The animation is set around Hanno city in Saitama prefecture and girls generally climb either Mt. Tenran or Mt. Takao. This time we are going to introduce you Hanno City.
"Encouragement of Climb"

Reporter : Kakizaki Shundo

Access to Hanno City

Take Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Ikebukuro station to Hanno City. It only takes 39 minutes by Express Train. Fee 860 yen. If you take Local train it will take 48 minutes but the price is only 450 yen.
Hanno City "Encouragement of Climb" map

  Hanno City 01 The Library
This used to be the library where the indoor type main character used to daydream . rUnfortunately, the city library has moved from this building and now ,there is only Hanno City central administration center there. However,there is a guest book for the fans in the center. There is a staircase leading towards Hanno riverbed through the building. (60-1 Ooaza Hanno, Hanno City).
  Hanno City 02 Hanno Riverbed.
This is Hanno Riverbed. This riverbank is very popular barbecue site. The front view of the wooden bridge over Iruma river came into the animation. The back bridge is called Wareiwa Bridge.
  Hanno City 03 Wareiwa Bridge
This is the picture of Wareiwa Bridge. Wareiwa Bridge is the red bridge over Inou River. The impression of the color is strong and very memorable. This is on the way to the school of Aoi and Hinata.
  Hanno City 04 Kannon Temple
This is a white elephant of Kannon temple. This is where two main characters planned about mountaineering.

  Hanno City 05 Railroad crossing
This is the railroad crossing where the main characters walk across. This is the place Hinata was forcefully pulling unwilling Aoi.
  Hanno City 06 Hanno Ginza
This is the picture of Hanno Ginza. This is a part of school route to their school.
  Hanno City 07 Yakitori shop, Yaoume
This is the picture of Yakitori shop "Yaoume". It is also on the school route of Aoi and Hinata.
  Hanno City 08 The bottom point of a trail up Mt. Tenran
This is Time's Mart. The convenience store where "Yamano Susume" all gather together. There are fan orientated merchandise such as a note book etc. This is placed at the entrance of mountain trail, make sure to buy a drink before you climb!
  Hanno City 09 Mt. Tenran mountain trail
This is the mountain trail up the Mt. Tenran. This is the first mountain that the characters climbed and it is a very small mountain of 197 m height. The mountain trail is not that hard to walk up at all. It only takes 20 minutes to hike up the mountain.
  Hanno City 10 The crest of Mt. Tenran
This is the crest of Mt. Tenran. You can see all of Hanno City. It is very much recommended to have a picnic sandwich like Aoi and Hinata.
Tenran Zan

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