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Journey of anime and manga "ACCEL WORLD" in Koenji

Accelerated at Koenji !

The story of an animation "accel world" is set near future where virtual reality is very closely linked to the real world.
The story takes place mostly in a shopping district located between Koenji and Shin Koenji stations.

Reporter : Kakizaki Shundo


Koenji is very popular for students.
It is close to Shijuku and living cost is quite reasonable. Most of the houses are relatively cheap to rent, there are a lot of casual eating places suited for young people, many ornament shops, wardrobe dealers, secondhand bookstores and Live houses and theaters. Drinking places are open from early hours, this is a town of good youth and freedom.
Koenji is the second station from Shinjuku and the next station to Nakano, where "Mandarake Main Office" is based.


<Language availability for foreign tourists >
Shops on the shopping street near Koenji Station are mostly small ones run by a few shop assistants and owners .They are most likely only able to serve you in Japanese but not in any other languages.

<Hotel Information >
Hotelmets Koenji
English service available

  Koenji 01
Koenji Station, Subway Marunouchi Line. It is 14 minutes from Subway Marunouchi Line Shinjuku station. Fee: 160 yen.
There lays "Accel world"
There are many animation making companies near the station. A-1 Pictures are in the adjacent building which is directly connected to the station.
  Koenji 02
The entrance of Look Shopping street.

Mac Donald Shin Koenji branch is where Princess Snow Black and Haruyuki were attacked.
  Koenji 03
Umezato Overpass, comes into the story frequently. It is placed over Koenji rikkyo shita intersection.
  Koenji 04
Although Umezato junior high school is a fictional school created for the story, the name is associated to an actual place existing in the area.
  Koenji 05
This is Look shopping street, the main school route of the characters.
  Koenji 06
This is a second hand book shop which for some unknown reasons sells girls school uniform. You can enjoy a unique shop scouting in Koenji.
  Koenji 07
Koenji PAL shopping street.
While "Accel world" was on air, there was a banner of the animation held from the roof of the arcade of the shopping street.
Every year some seasonal events are held in the shopping street which are all very popular.

Main Events
February -Koenji dramatic performance festival
May- Koenji Amazing street performance
August- Koenji Awaodori
Octobre- Koenji festival
  Koenji 08
"NELKEN" This is a music cafe where Princess Snow Black and Haruyuki often dated.
NELKEN means Pink (as a flower) in German.
  Koenji 09
Pink (as a flower) is always arranged in the vase at the cafe.
  Koenji 10
Underneath the elevated railway tracks at "Koenji Station Entrance" Intersection.
There is a lot about underneath the elevated railway tracks, shopping streets and overpass that comes into the story of "Accel world".
Unfortunately most of dramatic scenes are set in virtual reality world.
Visually, Koenji is a pretty normal Japanese city but it is a good place to enjoy everyday normal Japanese life. May be?

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